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Panasonic HX-A1 Action Camera

panasonic20150602ba.jpgWear the Adventure: Panasonic HX-A1 Action Camera.

Ultra-compact, wearable, tough action camera that excels by day and night.

The Panasonic HX-A1 action camera is wearable, compact and tough – ideal for recording dynamic point-of-view video in rugged outdoor situations, including capturing night vision in total darkness.

Doug Campbell, Senior Product Manager, Imaging, Panasonic Australia, said: “The HX-A1 is built for action. Its cylindrical shape and lightweight 45g form factor means it’s truly wearable.”

“Users can take advantage of a range of Panasonic accessories to mount it on their head, cap, backpack strap or sports gear from bikes to kayaks, and shoot exciting Full HD scenes.”

With Night Vision mode, the action doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. Simply attach the HX-A1’s infrared lens cover and use an optional IR light source to record after dark - adding an extra dimension to activities such as camping and caving trips or nature safaris.

The HX-A1’s sturdy construction keeps water and dust out and protects against impact and cold temperatures. Whether you’ll be getting wet while canoeing and rafting, or snowboarding and skiing in the freezing cold, the HX-A1 provides excellent durability without the need for additional housing.


Pricing and availability:


HX-A1 Kit: RRP $299

Multi Mount(VW-MKA1)

Tripod Mount (VW-CTA1)

Mount Adapter for GoPro accessories (GP99)

Available late June 2015


Key Features


Shoot in the dark

A unique feature of the HX-A1 is its ability to shoot in total darkness using ‘0 Lux night mode’. With the IR lens filter and an optional infrared light, it is possible to capture night vision. You can shoot in caves with no light from outside or capture nocturnal wildlife.


Quad Proof Tough without an accessory housing

The HX-A1 is ready for any rugged outdoor activity.

•    Waterproof down to 1.5m (IPX8 compliant)

•    Shockproof up to 1.5m (MIL-STD 810F Method 516.5-Shock compliant)
•    Dustproof (IP6X compliant)
•    Freezeproof down to -10°C

High quality, versatile recording

The HX-A1 records to a MicroSD card and shoots Full HD 1080p video at 30 frames per second (fps). Slow the action down with slow motion 720p video at 60fps or 848 x 480 video at 120 fps. Loop recording retains the most recent hour of scenes, so there is no need to worry about running out of space on your memory card.

Shoot in the field for longer, with the optional screw-on battery that extends recording time to two hours and 45 minutes. The unit also has a USB port for constant USB power.


Wi-Fi control and connectivity

The HX-A1’s Wi-Fi capability allows the shooting angle to be monitored and adjusted via smartphone or tablet. Adventure footage can be shared on the spot. Using the Panasonic Image App, footage can be viewed and uploaded immediately on favourite sites such as Facebook or YouTube.

The HX-A1 can be used in ‘Wireless Twin Camera’ mode with a Panasonic WX970, VX870, V770 or W570 camcorder. This allows simultaneously recorded footage of the same scene to be combined so one video is shown as the main picture and a different angle is shown in a sub-window. This could be useful for filming training demonstrations such as cooking, with the main image showing the trainer, and a head-mounted HX-A1 showing a finer point of view such as hands chopping or food cooking.

The HX-A1 can also be used as a webcam when connected to a computer via USB.


Versatile accessories

Panasonic is releasing a wide range of bundled and optional accessories with the HX-A1, allowing adventurers to record their stories from a number of unique perspectives.


Bundled Accessories


Multi Mount(VW-MKA1)

Attaches to goggles, shoulder bags, or helmets.

Tripod Mount (VW-CTA1)

Secures the camera to a tripod.


Optional Accessories


Twin Mount  (VW-TMA1)

Attaches to the HX-A1 and your own IR light for shooting in the dark. Two HX-A1s can be attached facing in opposite directions to capture the action all around you.


Extended battery (VW-BTA1)

Enables around 2 hours and 45 minutes of continuous recording (at 1920 x 1080 pixel/30p). Conveniently lightweight and waterproof without the need for a housing.


Strap Adaptor (VW-SAA1)

Attaches the camera to a strap or carabiner.


Head Mount (VW-HMA1)

The camera can be mounted on either side of your head.


Clip Mount (VW-CLA100)

Clips to a cap visor or similar surface.


Suction Cup Mount (VW-SCA100)

Attaches to flat surfaces such as boat decks.


Video Camera Mount (For Handle bar) (RP-CMC10)

Attaches to bicycle handlebars.


Wind Jammer (VW-WJA100)

Reduces wind noise on the microphone.

Multi Belt (VW-MBA100)

Worn across a shoulder or strapped to a backpack. Can be used with a mobile charger for longer recording.


About Panasonic


Panasonic Australia is a proud member of the Australian corporate community. With long standing links to local manufacturing and with hundreds of employees, Panasonic Australia is committed to fostering good relationships with consumers, businesses and governments alike.


On both a Local and International basis Panasonic is deploying long term strategies related to stable economic growth, responsible use of resources and being friendly to the environment.


The pages contained within the 'About Us' area will give you an insight into how Panasonic Australia operates and an overview of our companies history.


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