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Kodak P-850 Digital Camera Reviewed

Digital Camera Review by: Michael Gazzola


Kodak’s newest 5 mega-pixel P850 digital camera is feature packed. Straight out of the box, it resembles an SLR only smaller and lighter while still maintaining balance and stability in the photographer’s hands.

The outer case is a hard plastic with a rubber ring around the lens and a steel ring at the tip. There is a 2.5 inch LCD screen at the back as well as the option for a clear EVF for the traditionalist and about a dozen buttons scattered across the back and top all for operating the key functions of the camera, saving the photographer the time of navigating through a menu.

Kodak has chosen to use the same lens maker, Schneider-Kreuznach, as the lens used on the more advanced P880, but with a different zoom range. The P850 is equipped with a whopping 12x optical 36 – 432mm (35mm equivalent) zoom which will get you nice and close to sporting events from the boundary line – or just give you a great deal of zoom length for getting in close on the kids playing in the yard. At 432mm, the image stabilization worked very well and is a handy addition.

The ‘Program’ option is easily altered and with three extra alternatives for ‘Custom’ settings there will be enough flexibility in this camera for even a pro to have a bit of fun with.

There is a wide number or ISO settings, 10 to be exact ranging between 50 and 400 ISO – the setting are Auto 50, 64, 80, 100, 125, 160, 200, 250, 320 and 400. The on camera flash is also flexible with 1/3 stop adjustments plus exposure altering in 1/3 stops too. A nice touch on this camera is a ‘hot shoe’ with the option to add a high powered flash unit or the ability to sync the camera in a studio environment.

The Kodak P850 has 5 variations to shoot digital images including the setting 3:2 (for traditional 6x4 / 8x12 inch sized images) at a 4.5 mega-pixel resolution.

Image capture is quite good for this range, especially at the lower ISO ratings. Although like many of the P850’s competition it too has grainy images at 400 ISO – that are still useable.

medal-gold-r.jpgFor those looking to extract a little extra detail from each image Kodak have included the file options ‘Tif’ and ‘Raw’ as alternatives to the standard ‘Jpg’ format. It’s worth noting, that as the files are bigger in Tif and Raw mode (capturing more detail in each shot), the file writing time is increased slowing the camera’s ability to snap photographs quickly in succession.

Finally, Kodak’s has pretty much nailed every focus option for photographers across the globe… incorporating no less than 28 focus settings. There are 25 ‘focus point’ options and a further 3 additional ‘general focus’ options to keep everyone happy – and most importantly your images sharp!

The Kodak P850 is a great addition to the ‘EasyShare’ P-Series and worthy of your consideration when next shopping for a 5 mega-pixel dSLR like camera.

Appearance rating 4 stars
Functionality rating 4 stars
Image quality
4 stars
Value for money 4 stars
RRP (AUD) $799
Effective Pixels 5.0 Million mega pixels
Image Sizes 5 Sizes
3:2 Aspect Ratio Yes, at 4.5 mega pixels
Lens - zoom wide [mm] 36mm (35mm equivalent )
Lens -zoom tele [mm] 342mm (35mm equivalent )
Lens - Optical Zoom Yes, 12x
Resolution Settings From 1280 x 960 to 2592 x 1944
Shooting Modes 16 Scene / Manual / Auto / 3x Custom / 3 additional dial options
Manual Focus No
Auto Focus Yes, plus TTL multi & Spot
Focus Range [cm] 50cm to infinity
Aperture Range F2.8 - F8
Aperture Priority Yes
Macro Yes
Macro Range [cm] 25cm - infinity
Shutter Speeds 16 seconds - 1/1000
Shutter Priority Yes
ISO 50, 64, 80, 100, 125, 160, 200, 250, 320 and 400
LCD Monitor Yes
LCD Size 2.5 inch TFT LCD colour monitor
Viewfinder Yes, EVF
Flash 3 mode options plus auto and on/off
Hot Shoe Yes
White balance 7 options plus 3 custom
Self Timer Yes, 2 or 10 seconds.
Movie Options Yes. Limited only by memory card size.
Video Out Yes. AV out. NTSC / PAL
Storage Type SD/MMC Cards
Storage Included [Mb] Onboard memory, 32Mb
Image / Audio Formats Jpeg / Tiff / RAW / Motion Jpeg
Connectivity USB.
Power Source 5.0V DC / AC Recharge Pk Inc.
Battery Options Rechargable battery
Dimensions 108mm x 84.2mm x 72mm
Weight 403g without battery or card

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