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Digital Camera Review Awards

medal-platinum-r.jpg Five awards are available to manufacturers. In order from highest to lowest: Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Tin.


There are six key areas our reviewers assess before issuing a grade which then dictates the type of award given. Each camera will be judged according to the class it falls into and based on it's own merits.


Each review we preform is 100% independent of manufacturers and retailers.

The key areas for assessment are as follows:

Appearance rating

-- Assess the camera's aesthetics

-- Is the unit assembled well

-- Are the function buttons conveniently placed

-- Assess moulds / grips if any 

-- Quality of the materials used for the casing

-- Quality of the 'paint-job' finish


Functionality rating

-- Power up time

-- Does it 'just work' when the camera is powered up

-- Is there continuous shooting available

-- Is there Exposure compensation available

-- Are the key functions located easily on dedicated buttons

-- Is the menu navigation easy

-- Are there minimal / logical steps in the menu to find everything

-- Does Playback provide good image information

-- Are there wireless / share options

-- Are there Custom options that can be saved

-- Is the charger / power source a good choice

-- Is the battery option a good choice

-- Is the battery life sufficient


Image quality

-- Is there a good amount of resolution

-- Is there low noise in images at all ISO levels

-- Is there a good choice of image formats

-- Are skin tones reproduced well

-- Are primary colours reproduced well

-- Are pastels reproduced well next to skin tones

-- Are pastels reproduced well next to primary colours

-- Is the White Balance for natural / day and florescent light accurate

-- Are images reproduced well with on camera or studio flash light


Lens quality

-- Does it come with a lens

-- Does it have a useful focal range

-- Is the lens fast (useful f-stop range)

-- Does it have good edge to edge sharpness

-- Is it Macro capable

-- Is the build of a high standard


Viewfinder / LCD screen

-- Is there a good sized viewfinder for the camera

-- Is the viewfinder clear / bright

-- Is the viewfinder positioned well on the camera

-- Does the LCD have good resolution

-- Does the LCD have good colour accuracy

-- Does the LCD work well in bright light

-- Does the LCD offer good on-screen information

-- Is the LCD screen flexible, hinged or movable

-- Is the LCD screen constructed well


Value for money

-- Is the material used to build the unit appropriate

-- Is there a good amount of functionality available

-- Is there a memory card included

-- Does it come with any accessories

-- Are extra accessories available for the camera



-- Price recommended by manufacturer



Scoring: 6 areas are rated each out of 5 stars with a possible total high of 30 stars


Platinum over 25 stars

Gold 20 - 25 stars

Silver 15 - 19 stars

Bronze 10 - 14

Tin below 10 stars

















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